PRofessional Branding

Nutritionist photo
headshot photography in NYC
Women at home - photoshoot
Doctor Photoshoot, Phoenix Arizona
Lawyer photograph
Professor of ASU photoshoot
Book Launch Photoshoot
Nurse Headshot, Phoenix Arizona
At Home Medical Care photoshoot
Office Meeting Photoshoot
Jewelry Maker Headshot
Conference photoshoot, phoenix arizona
musician photoshoot
lifecoach photoshoot

Launching a new venture or wanting to freshen up your current professional image? We help you find a unique a way to showcase your profession so you STAND OUT in a good way. We specialize in helping frame you up for things like websites, linkedin pages and post cards, to make sure your photos translate where you need them the most.


What Types of Professionals do you work with?

BBH photo is an off shoot of Blum's Brand House where we have worked with hundreds of businesses to professional brand them. From Corporations to doctors to musicians to life coaches and more, we have worked with many people just like you to make a statement on the web.

will you help me plan my shoot?

YES! Included in all our PRO shoots is a 30 minute brand call to help you hone in on the style, location and props for your shoot.

What other branding do you do?

We specialize in images for online. Including web design and social media, we can frame you exactly how you need for postcards, web banners and more! It's our thing!