Nita Blum started BBH ( aka Blum's Brand House ) in 2013 after working in Film and TV in Los Angeles for several years. She gravitated towards helping people starting out who didn't have huge marketing teams to help them shine, like the celebrity clients she worked with in Hollywood.

BBH is a full-scale marketing agency that does website, photo, and design. We offer specialized packages and experiences based solely around amazing photography and video experiences for businesses, entrepreneurs, and anyone who wants access to professional quality, unique images. Nita employs a team of production professionals in the valley to assist productions large and small.

Nita lives in Phoenix, Arizona, with her partner, Daniel, a professional sound mixer. In addition to her company, she is a professor of production at the film school at Arizona State University, a board member of the Arizona Production Association, and a State Film Office Resources Coordinator. On her off days she loves playing the piano, taking breaks in Sedona, and hiking with her family.

Enchantment Photoshoot , Sedona Arizona


Charlotte Nutrition

“In starting my business, I went searching for the best branding person for dietitians and other wellness professionals in the country and was lucky to stumble across Nita . After seeing the work she’d done for other clients, I had sky-high expectations, which she easily met and exceeded. I have been thrilled with her communication, work ethic, and end product. She was able to translate my vague ideas to create a product that exceeded my hopes.”

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